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Umar Alisha Akshara Jyothi (Umar Alisha literacy programme)

The root cause of many evils in the society is illiteracy and the basic requirement for the overall development of any country is literacy. Especially if women are literates all her family members will prosper. This trust has hence strives hard to eradicate illiteracy through its “Umar Alisha Akshara Jyothi” programs in rural areas.Education at Umar Alisha Akshara Jyothi is non-formal but structured, creative, innovative and targeted towards developing each child holistically. The program develops in each adult a sense of dignity, integrity and the self-confidence to take on the world. Thus, in its own way Umar Alisha Akshara Jyothi is helping to mould the adults to be socially responsible citizens.
We believe that an educated parent can only think of educating his child and an early start with good basic education is the best way to help them. We aspire to provide them the basic education that focuses both intellectual and emotional development.

Volunteers are an important part of the program and over 250 volunteers spend time teaching at Umar Alisha Akshara Jyothi. Volunteers comprise school and college students, housewives and professionals. For each volunteer of, Umar Alisha Akshara Jyothi it is a unique learning, as well as a teaching experience. The centers are looked after by the supervisors and above them by the co-coordinator. The government officials also visit our centers and look into the progress of the center. After a period of learning they are supposed to pass an examination which on passing will qualify them as literates.

UARDT is trying to educate the people Through Continuous education centers and Cooperative Study Circles.

UARDT also concentrates on Continuous education program by printing article related to it the monthly magazine Tatwajnanam.

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