Umar Alisha Rural Development Trust

Service to humanity is service to God

Objectives of the Trust

  • To promote literacy activities of adults and children.
  • To organize continuing education, career guidance or counselling,
    to improve standards of living of rural people.
  • To provide guidance to the farmers in the field of agriculture in the rural areas.
  • To establish libraries, conduct Literary, Cultural, Educational and other programs through Audios,
    Videos and Dramas and such other means for the village people for promoting communal harmony and moral and spiritual values.
  • To promote the integrated computer education in the rural area.
  • To promote women welfare activities.
  • To organize schools for mentally and physically challenged children in rural areas.
  • To distribute rise / food to the poor on special occasions and also to provide relief during natural calamities to the rural people.
  • To organize, Allopathic, Homeopathic, Ayurvedic, Naturopathic (and other medical Systems) public Health centers or free clinics, rehabilitation centers by adopting villages for the purpose and work in conjunction with any other institution with similar objective.
  • To organize temporary Health Camps like Dental, Eye, AIDS awareness camps, Mobile Surgical, Blood Donation or such similar things aimed at betterment of Health, Diagnosis and prevention of diseases of the rural people using Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, Allopathic, Naturopathic and other systems of medicines and work in conjunction with any other institution with similar objective.
  • To promote awareness of family welfare schemes and children welfare schemes among rural people.
  • To provide free veterinary medical services to livestock of the poor.
  • To encourage and support rural sports in the villages for the overall development of the rural people.
  • To take up activities like providing shelters to the poor, taking up of irrigation projects, Roads, Sanitation facilities, Drinking water facilities etc., in order to improve the living conditions of the Rural Population.
  • To organize old age homes, orphanages etc., in rural areas.
  • To organize clean and green programs to promote the concept of environmental protection.
  • To recognize outstanding efforts of scholars in literary work (Telugu and Hindi).
  • To do all such lawful things incidental or tributary to the attainment of the above objectives and generally do or perform all such acts and deeds or things, which are of general public utility by not involving any activity of profits.
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