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Annual Theosophical Congregations 2018 – Pithapuram

More than 50,000 people have attended the Theosophical Congregations of Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Aadhyatmika Peetham, held from Feb 9th till 11th at Pithapuram from across the World.  Below are the activities that are done from from Trust.

Day 1
Sri Varma garu, Pithapuram MLA has inaugurated the UARDT Brochure.
Donation of UARDT Cheque

Day 3
Donated 3 sewing machines to poor women by pithapuram chairman Karanam chinnarao.

Donated 6k cheque to poor student for education needs
Donated 10k cheque, sports kit, meals plates, teaching and learning material kits, Cooking Utensils and playing kits to manovikaasa kendram.

K. Suryalatha garu explained the Trust vaarshika nivedika and K. Deepthi garu explained the nivedika for amaan shah foundation for the child cancer.

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