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Childhood Malnutrition Eradication – Pilot project at Chimalavarigudem

Childhood Malnutrition Eradication – Pilot project at Chimalavarigudem

Dr. Umar Alisha,Chairman of UARDT has inaugurated the launch of a pilot for malnutrition project to improve the livelihood of children living in the tribal areas of Cheemalavarigudem on 22nd Dec 2015. Malnutrition for kids under 5 years of age in India remains the highest in the world.

he consequences of impacts to malnutrition at young age has long term impacts – in terms of survival, susceptibility to illness, brain development that affects cognitive and learning abilities, and the overall productivity in life. Without appropriate intervention, the impacts due to this are largely irreversible. Umar Alisha Rural Development Trust has been working in Cheemalavari gudem for the past 16 years, primarily in the area of health and women development.

The goal of this pilot project is to one or more villages in the cheemalavadi gudem region that have high incidence of malnutrition, and provide necessary resources (in terms of nutritious food, medicines) to improve the overall malnutrition rate in the village. The project is sponsored and supported by Non Resident Indians (NRI’s) Dr. Raju Gottumukkala and Dr. Srinivas Yerasi. Dr. Srinivas Yerasi is a pediatrician who has been trying to work in the area of malnutrition in the Kurnool region of Andhra Pradesh, and Dr. Raju Gottumukkala is a researcher at university of Louisiana at Lafayette who has interests in applying informatics to improve tracking of health outcomes.

The project will be coordinated by UARDT volunteers including Dr. Anand Pingali and Smt. Lakshmi under the leadership of Chairman Dr. Umar Alisha. UARDT has been providing voluntary services in various categories and this project is taken up under Women welfare & Child welfare  category.

UARDT is seeking interested pediatricians and technology developers who can support this potentially transformative initiative. Please send an email to if you are able to help with this project


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