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UARDT distributed Antidote Homeo Medicine to people who have affected in gas leak at Visakhapatnam on 07-May-2020

Umar Alisha Rural Development Trust has distributed antidote Homoeopathic medicine to more than 2500 people who have inhaled the gas . All the people in the area near to the LG polymers have been evacuated and they were rehabilitated in near by areas like Jerripothulapalem, Venkatapuram, Vepagunta, Sujathanagar, Gosala, Simhapuri colony, Arilova Gosala. All these rehabilitated people are safe and did not present with any significant complaints except very few complaining of nausea and eyes irritation. All of them have been given antidote homeopathic medicine as a preventive measure on 07-May-2020.


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